EU - Bioenergy
The EU website for bioenergy

  EU - Bionet
Analysis of fuel supply chains

  European Biofuels Technology Platform
European Platform for development of Biofuels

  Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform
European partnership for forest research and development

  IEA - Bioenergy
International collaboration in bioenergy research

  US Department of Energy
Energy department in the United States

  NOE - Bioenergy
Network of bioenergy institutes

FP7 Project : Novel Tree Breeding Strategies

UK project : inter-disciplinary research from a whole systems perspective

EC project aiming at improving poplar as a bioenergy and timber crop.

EC Network of excellence: Analysis of the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems

USA Department of Energy project to increase carbon sequestration in Populus

UK project aiming at the generation of high yielding, pest and disease-resistant willow

EC project: Functional responses of poplar to atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

  Overview Biofuel Technologies 2008
From 1st- to 2nd-Generation Biofuel Technologies - An Overview of Current Industry and RD&D Activities. Report 2008 by the International Energy Agency.

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