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Aug-31-2012 - EnergyPoplar Annual Newsletter 4 - last one
Apr-06-2012 - Summer school on bio-based economy - Ghent University
Aug-04-2011 - Energypoplar Newsletter number 3
Aug-04-2011 - Large-scale detection of rare variants via pooled multiplexed next-generation sequencing: towards next-generation Ecotilling
Aug-04-2011 - A protein effector crucial to the symbiosis between poplar and fungi has been identified in the consortium
Aug-04-2011 - Initial field test results GM poplars: bioethanol yield almost doubled
Feb-28-2011 - Research Position/Post Doc Available
Oct-25-2010 - Newsletter no2
Oct-14-2010 - Energypoplar on International Innovation
Oct-01-2010 - Workshop Adaptation of perennial plants to episodic drought:impact on ecosystems (6-8 October 2010, Gottingen, Germany)
Sep-21-2010 - CanBio Annual Conference, 2010
Sep-21-2010 - European Bioenergy & Forest Biomass Mission to Canada, 2010
Jul-07-2010 - 26th New Phytologist Symposium: Bioenergy trees 17-19 May 2011 INRA - Nancy, France
May-18-2010 - Euronews documentary on EnergyPoplar
May-18-2010 - WORKSHOP "HT-resequencing in Populus"
Mar-12-2010 - First harvest of GM poplars trees of a field trial in Belgium
Jan-4-2010 - Newsletter 1
January-30-2009 - 2nd Poplar Symposium (11-13 March, Gttingen, Germany)
Sept-01-2008 - Energypoplar Leaflet
May-15-2008 - Energypoplar Kick-Off Meeting
Oct-01-2008 - Launching the public website Energypoplar

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