WP 5 - Dissemination and Technology Transfer

WP Leader: Dr. Magnus Hertzberg (SweTree Technologies)


WP5 objectives are (i) to disseminate ENERGYPOPLAR result and (ii) to identify and transfer technology and biological material generated during the course of the project to commercial beneficiary in the project (e. g. SweTree technologies or to other companies interested in using such technology and biological material)

ENERGYPOPLAR dissemination will ensure that the resulting scientific developments of the project are effectively disseminated and that public awareness of poplar as a biofuel crop is raised. From the research and technical inputs and results, ENERGYPOPLAR will make a discerning analysis of the information and focus dissemination on the following target groups: Biofuels and Bioenergy industries, Forestry, paper and pulp industries, EFSA and local bodies involved in regulation of gene technology e. g. Swedish Gene technology advisory board and its equivalent in other countries, citizens and scientists working in the forest biotechnology and bioenergy/biofuels area.

ENERGYPOPLAR technology transfer will:

WP5 will also organize a tutorial course with some of the leading experts in the field of forest biotechnology on key issues related to patenting for the young and early stage researchers as a part of training activities.

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