Project Publications

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Vanholme, B., Cesarino, I., Goeminne, G., Kim, H., Marroni, F., Van Acker, R., Vanholme, R., Morreel, K., Ivens, B., Pinosio, S., Morgante, M., Ralph, R., Bastien, c., and Boerjan, W
Characterization of a natural Populus nigra HCT mutant with modified lignin, (2012- UNDER REVIEW)

Guo, Littlewood, Joyce & Murphy
The environmental profile of poplar-derived bioethanol in the EU (2012- UNDER REVIEW)

Jade Littlewood, Miao Guo, Wout Boerjan & Richard Murphy
Bioethanol from poplar: a commercially viable alternative to fossil fuel in the EU (2012- UNDER REVIEW)

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